NOTE: This document was created to support the collaboration of a marketplace for Yellow Seed 1.0. While values and principles shall remain the same, much of the specifics of this handbook may be obsolete with the launch of Yellow Seed 2.0, late in 2018. We are keeping this document available to share our motivations, process and learning with the community.

Welcome to Yellow Seed. This handbook and community guide is designed to give you a sense of what it means and looks like to be part of the Yellow Seed Community.

This Handbook's primary audience is Yellow Seed contributors and members, and it is publicly available for others who might find it useful. The goal is to give everyone in the network as much clarity and context as possible, while sharing our structures and practices with the outside world as well.

As a living document, this handbook will be updated regularly. We are just starting, so check back in the coming months for updates.


The book is broken up into chapters and subchapters. The chapters are:

If you see room for improvement, learn more about how to share your ideas and feedback here.

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