Pricing of the product is determined by the Origin Contacts and Sellers and will take into account fair farmer wages, cost of farm inputs, level of quality and skill, positive social and environmental impacts, product processing, and other factors. They will also take into account any shipping, export, import, and warehousing fees and taxes that are applicable. Please see below for more information.

International Market

Product prices listed on the product profiles for the International Market are estimates and will depend on climatic and harvest conditions as well as a variety of other factors. Sellers may set a pricing range, but to inquire about the most up to date prices, please use the ‘Purchase Inquiry’ or ‘Ask Seller a Question’ buttons and speak directly to the Origin.

For the international market, prices for international shipping and export/import fees are not included in the product price and these will vary depending on how you choose to set up the trade. The only way to get a good idea of how much these will cost, is to talk directly to the Origin by using the ‘Purchase Inquiry’ button. The sellers can let you know if they have shipping companies they work with as well as give estimates of prices, or you can suggest a shipping company you prefer and sellers will provide an estimate of how much it will cost to get the product from the farms to the nearest port.

If you are interested in keeping costs down and don’t have a deadline for your purchase, please add your name to our list of buyers interested in a collaborative purchase, by using the 'Wanna Save on Shipping?' link on the Product Profile. If there is enough collective interest, a shipment will be arranged.

Domestic Spot Market

For the Domestic Spot Market, some sellers will have chosen to add a pricing table that shows set prices depending on the quantity the customer purchases,while others will use a pricing range and in this case buyers will need to inquire about. Others will have just one set price.

The prices posted will include all costs and services for importing and shipping the product to the US or Europe. They will also include any other services that have been added, such as product processing, if applicable.

To estimate domestic shipping or service charges, after import into the U.S. or Europe, the buyer must first specify the location for shipping and then the seller can get back to the purchaser on the final amount.*

*Please note, we are working towards a more efficient shipping estimating solution and pickup options.

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