Become a seller

Here are a list of steps to become a seller on Yellow Seed.

Step 1: Read the How It Works section of this Guide.

Step 2: Check to see if you meet Yellow Seed’s People and Product Criteria.

Step 3: Upload an Origin Profile if one does not yet exist.

Step 4: Upload a Product Profile. See the photography section for additional tips to make your profile shine.

Step 5: Tell us how you would like to Get Paid.

Step 6: Add reviews from quality and flavor testers, previous or current buyers or others who know or have visited your Origin to build trust with buyers. Product criteria requires at least one form of reference on the product profile.

Step 7: After upload is complete, contact to schedule a 30 min on-boarding interview, where we will review Yellow Seed criteria, provide tips to improve your profiles and answer any questions. Let us know if translation assistance is required.

Step 8: Help us share your story.

Step 9: Engage with the Yellow Seed Community.

Step 10: Fulfill sample requests or orders.

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