Create a Product Profile

After an Origin Profile is created, the next step is to create a Product Profile.

Note: if you have multiple distinct products from one Origin, we encourage you to create more than one Product profile. For example, you would create one Product profile for organic beans and different one for a non organic product or different varietal for example.

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Required Information

Before you begin adding information about your Product, please check that you have the following required information on hand:

  • At least 1 picture of the Product. It is ideal to have 5-10 pictures, including cut tests, fermentation, drying, and packaging. If you have photos of third party flavor analysis, you can also upload them here.

  • Product name (Something descriptive so it is easy for users to find when searching)

  • Product type (Cacao beans, nibs, liquor, paste, or wafers)

  • Varietal composition (i.e. 75% Forastero, 25% Native Criollo)

  • Summary description (a paragraph describing the product’s flavor, unique qualities, and what there is to love!)

  • Price. There are three options for price:

    • One set price for the product regardless of amount purchased.

    • A range of set prices, depending on purchase quantity. This option allows you to create a pricing table like the one pictured.

    • A price range. You’ll want to use this option if the price of your product goes up and down often. When a buyer creates an order, you will have to get back to them with the current price before they can purchase.

  • Quantity available

  • Size of bags or boxes

  • Samples:

    • Are samples available?

    • How much do they cost?

    • How big is a sample size?

    • Note: Many buyers request at least 2 kg samples. However, if you are sending samples from the US, 1 kg samples fit nicely in the smallest flat rate USPS shipping envelopes

    • Total number of samples available

    • Shipping address for samples (where are samples shipping from)

    • Processing time (how long it will take you to pack and ship samples)

  • Average fermentation temperature

  • Availability of bulk purchase (available now, soon or not available) and where it is located

Optional Information

In addition, you may want to have the following optional product information available:

  • Certifications

  • Awards

  • Minimum order (if nothing is entered, the default is 1kg)

  • Fermentation time in days

  • Type of fermentation (box, other)

  • Drying method (drying racks, piles/mounds, tarps, solar/direct sun/both, smoke drying)

  • Drying time in days

  • Storage (where or how the product is stored)

  • Sorted at origin (yes by hand, yes by machine, no)

  • Secondary processing available (toasting, peeling, liquor, etc.)

  • Harvest season start (for primary harvest season)

  • Harvest season end (for primary harvest season)

  • Processed by (if processed by a third party processing facility)

  • Packing material

  • Recommended shipping partners

  • Any other important information about shipping

  • Flavor (this information will be public on the Flavor Wheel tab):

    • Who did the flavor assessment and for what form of cacao.

    • Rating the following flavors on a scale of 0-5

      • Roasted

      • Acidity

      • Tropical

      • Nutty

      • Astringency

      • Floral

      • Caramel

      • Bitterness

      • Fruity

      • Vegetal

      • Malt

      • Citrus

      • Spicy

      • Creamy

      • Earthy

      • Chocolatey

      • Note: if you need help with assessing flavor, please reach out to hello [at]

  • Cut test details*

    • % fermentation

    • % mold

    • % white bean

    • % bean count/100g

    • Moisture content

    • Cut test performed by (person’s name)

    • Date performed

    • Note: if you need help creating a cut test, please reach out to hello [at]

*It is recommended to add a photo of a cut test to product profiles with date.

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