Create an Origin Profile

If an Origin profile for your product does not yet exist on Yellow Seed, you must create one before creating a Product Profile so that buyers can learn more about where your product comes from.

See Origin Uploader Slideshow»

Required Information:

Before you begin uploading information about the Origin, please check that you have the following required information"

on hand:

  • At least 1 picture of the Origin. It is ideal to have 5-10 pictures of the farm, cacao trees and pods, fermentation and drying facilities, and the people and farmers involved. Learn more about photos here.

  • Name of Origin

  • Origin type (Individual farm, Cooperative, Association, Non-profit Farm/Farmer Group, or Other)

  • Number of farmers

  • Summary description of the origin (a paragraph about what makes this Origin unique and interesting)

  • Location (Enter address, GPS coordinates, or drop a pin on the map)

  • Current production capacity (range in kg or metric tons)

  • Project production capacity next year (range in kg or metric tons)

  • Total area of cacao in hectares

  • Forested conservation area in hectare

  • Total area of other crops in hectares

Optional Information:

In addition, you may want to have the following optional information available:

  • Vision (paragraph about what this Origin would like for their future)

  • Challenges (paragraph about the difficulties this Origin is facing)

  • Tags or keywords (choose from the ones available or write your own)

  • Year operating since

  • Links to Facebook and Twitter pages

  • Certifications

  • Varietal names

  • Other crops grown such as coffee, bananas

After an Origin Profile is created, the next step is to create a Product Profile.

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