Fulfilling Bulk Orders

Due to the nuances of trade negotiation, we are exploring additional ways to streamline and coordinate negotiation of bulk purchases, including integrating freight shipping options and low-cost international payment processing for large transactions.

Fulfilling bulk orders for products stored at Origin:

If your product is stored at Origin, you will receive an email notification to your regular email inbox when you receive a purchase inquiry. You can respond to it via the Yellow Seed internal messaging system, and the trade can happen off of the Yellow Seed website.

Log into your Yellow Seed account and navigate to your email inbox to reply, as pictured below. Note: if you need help with translation services, please send us an email at hello [at] yellow-seed.org. We can add one of our staff or a community member to the conversation to assist you with translation.

2. Fulfilling bulk orders for products stored in the US or Europe

For bulk orders for product stored in the US or Europe, most sellers will have set prices for their products, either as one set price or a range of set prices.

When a buyer purchases your product, you will receive an email notification with the information about their purchase. At that time you can calculate freight shipping for their desired purchase amount and destination, and input it on the Orders Received page.

You may want to use an online service like Uship to calculate LTL and FTL shipping rates from various carriers.

After the price is finalized, the buyer will receive a notification prompting them to log in and pay. After the buyer pays you will receive a notification to your email inbox, and can then ship the product!

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