Get Paid

After you have uploaded your Origin and Product information, the final step is to add your payment details. Your product cannot be approved until you have added this information.

After you have published your product, you should be automatically redirected to the Getting Paid page (located under Buying/Selling in the dropdown next to your name on the top right corner of the site).

The following are the steps to add your payment details:

  1. Please accept Braintree’s merchant agreement by checking the box at the top. Note: We use Braintree’s merchant services for all payments on the site because they allow for split payments so US sellers can receive direct payments.

  2. Tell us if you do or do not have a US bank account. If you do not have a US bank account, we can arrange for payment alternatives using either Transferwise or a standard wire transfer.

  3. If you DO have a US bank account, you’ll need to fill in your business or individual info. This information is used to create a sub-merchant account with Braintree so that all transactions processed through the Yellow Seed site go directly to your account in 1-2 days. You can choose to have the money directly deposited to your bank or Venmo account. Once the required information is complete, press “save”. Note: it usually takes a few days for your Braintree sub-merchant account to be approved.

  1. If you do NOT have a US bank account, simply fill out the basic contact information under “Individual info” and press save. We will contact you to reimburse you for payments processed via the Yellow Seed site either via a regular international wire transfer or Transferwise.

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