Setting Up Bulk Orders in the Product Uploader

1. Setting up pricing

There are several ways to set up pricing for bulk purchases on Yellow Seed. The default choice is to have one set price for all quantities purchased. Another option is to have a range of set prices, where the buyer receives a discount for larger orders. If possible, we recommend that you choose one of these two set pricing options, as this allows for buyers to get an accurate estimate of the product cost upfront.

The third option is to use a price range. This is an option if the price of cacao goes up and down, and is often the situation if a product is stored at Origin.

2. Setting up bulk product availability

There are several options for the product availability and these options affect how you will administer the bulk orders. If your product is listed as stored in country of origin, all order inquiries will go through our internal email system instead of our checkout system. Otherwise, if the product has been imported to the US, Canada, or Europe, then buyers will purchase the product via our checkout system.

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