Storytelling and Impact

Stories connect people and we want to share yours.

One of the best ways for new Origins on Yellow Seed to market their products is by creating a story to share with Yellow Seed’s network.This is also a requirement for anyone adding a profile to Yellow Seed.These stories are shared via our, as well as through Yellow Seed’s monthly newsletter and social media networks. Buyers love reading these stories and Yellow Seed has received a lot of positive feedback from readers of the Medium blog!

To get started read through the Create a Conscious Cacao Story section, choose some sample questions to answer and either write the story yourself or ask for Yellow Seed’s help by emailing us at hello[at]

We encourage you to include photos, graphics (maps, charts, etc.), videos, links to other relevant content (websites, blogs, etc.) and anything else you see fit as this will help make your story more engaging! Learn more about our photography guidelines.

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