Regional and International Ambassadors

Regional Ambassador

Regional Yellow Seed Ambassadors support the local chocolate maker community by hosting tasting events with free product samples and by connecting makers to share their experience of different origins, pool buying power, and provide feedback directly to the origin through the Yellow Seed site. At events, makers are also encouraged to bring chocolate products samples to test and gather feedback from their peers.


  • Participate and contribute content and flavor feedback both on online forums and events, answering questions and encouraging others in the industry to also share their ideas.

  • Host meetups of makers and cacao industry people(Help YS create “How to host an event/ types of events”)

  • Create evaluation bars of origin beans and share product samples

  • Write product reviews and encourage others to write reviews.


  • Free samples

  • First to learn about new products

  • Prominent mentions in YS social media & newsletter

  • Graphic design support for events/meetups

  • Help connecting to contacts in your region

Contact us (hello [at] if you are interested to learn more about this role.

International Ambassador

International Yellow Seed Ambassadors help build a stronger community by sharing their experiences at origin and connecting buyers on a more personal level to the farmers and the land where their cacao is sourced.


  • Contribute to discussions on the Yellow Seed Forum, answering questions to origins and offering to sample and test flavor.

  • Share individual experiences and trip reports from visits to Origin.

  • Supports regional community ambassadors as possible.

Additional Roles : Encouraged

  • Teaching chocolate making at origin to raise awareness and appreciation of the process and experience that adds value to the chocolate.

  • Evaluate Product at origin for makers - bean grading, tasting profiles, spec sheets/COA’s

  • Write content or stories for the Yellow Seed community via social media

  • Transfer samples and feedback to/from origins if traveling to regions


  • Featured on the Yellow Seed website as an International Ambassador.

  • Prominent mentions in Yellow Seed’s social media and newsletter.

  • Free tickets to events that Yellow Seed has been invited to, if they are playing a representative role.

  • Invited to speak and share experience at any Yellow Seed hosted conferences or events.

Contact us ( if you are interested to learn more about this role.

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