Cacao and Chocolate Tasters

Yellow Seed's Cacao and Chocolate Tasters are community-verified tasters that evaluate products on Yellow Seed in order to help Origins understand their value as well as help buyers differentiate products. Their main purpose is to educate around flavor.


  • Write flavor reviews for product samples and evaluation bars on Yellow Seed Product Profiles.

  • Contribute to discussions on the Yellow Seed Forum; answering questions about flavor, offering to sample products and providing feedback directly to origins.


  • Featured on the Yellow Seed website as a Taster.

  • Sent product samples and evaluation bars for free to taste.

  • Prominent mentions in Yellow Seed social media & newsletter.

  • Stories featured on the Yellow Seed website.

  • May be invited to speak or play prominent role in Yellow Seed hosted conferences or events.


  • Evaluates flavor of chocolate bars, ie for a blog, events, contests, or retail stores or as a service.

  • Recommended by three members in the chocolate community for this role.

  • Willing to actively participate in community and Yellow Seed discussions; ~1 hour monthly commitment

Contact us hello[at] if you are interested to learn about this role.

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