Buy a Product

While buyers on Yellow Seed’s network have different preferences, they are united by a shared desire to support meaningful impact at origin and pay fair prices. By participating and engaging in the community, buyers gain access to benefits such as better access to information, crowd-vetting and lower overall costs through collaboration. Buyers on Yellow Seed commit to Yellow Seed's mission, principles, and criteria of Yellow Seed.

Join the Yellow Seed Community to:

  • Discover Farm Origins and browse products.

  • Create a member profile here to purchase or access community features such as the discussion forums.

  • Learn about ‘How It Worksand what is involved in making a purchase.

  • Share feedback to origins by writing a product review, leaving a comment on the Origin page or sharing feedback in a direct message. Public feedback benefits the conscious trade movement as a whole.

See more benefits of being part of the community here.

The Buy a Product section contains the the following subchapters:

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