Buyers, users and other supporters play a vital role in helping an origin become more visible and trusted in the network. The following contributions serve as a form of vetting leading to more win-wins for all involved.

There are a number of ways that users can vet products and refer Origins on the Yellow Seed site. These include:

  • Buyer Reviews
  • Made with this Product
  • Comments on the Origin Page
  • NGO's that Support this Origin
  • Stories about this Origin
  • 3rd Party Quality and Flavor Reviews (in Pilot)
  • Yellow Seed Ambassador Reviews (in Pilot)

Buyer Reviews on the Product Page:

After any buyer purchases product from one of the Origins listed on Yellow Seed, they are encouraged to add a buyer review of that product to the product profile which includes flavor, quality, shipping, lead time, communication and price. This is a space to share things like what you liked about the product, how it was used, what your customers said about the final product, the flavor or quality experience or more about the process in purchasing or trading with the seller.

Made with this Product:

Know of chocolate bars or other end products made with this cacao? Add a picture, name, descriptions and url of where it can be purchased.

This feature enables buyers who have purchased cacao beans or another product from a seller on Yellow Seed to promote their products and support producers at origin by adding a link to their own end-products. Data shows that this form of vetting is one of the most effective ways to add a referral, providing a win/win to both buyers and sellers.

Pictures, names, descriptions, and the url link for chocolate bars or other end products made with a Yellow Seed listed product will appear on the product profile page.

Comments on the Origin Page:

Have you visited an Origin and could write about your experience? Make a comment on the Origin’s profile.

Experiences, feedback or stories about an Origin can be added to an Origin profile in the comments section by anyone that has visited the Origin, is familiar with their organization or has tasted their product. Share more information about the experience you've had with an origin via trade or about a recent trip -- what you like about the people, land or what you witnessed. This is a great space to add photos, updates, videos and other media. At the moment, the review feature on the product pages do not accept photos or videos.

NGOs that Support this Origin:

Origins are able to add NGO partners by uploading the URL link of the NGO’s homepage on the bottom of the Origin profile page.

Stories about this Origin

Stories about the Origin can be blog posts, videos, and news articles that mention the Origin. Origin stories provide great references for buyers and other users wanting to learn more about the origin and farmers. If you represent the Origin, you can write a Conscious Cacao Story and publish on Medium - a blogging platform. Because of their positive appeal to buyers both in establishing trade relationship, understanding impact and collaborative marketing, this is now a required form of vetting for Origins on Yellow Seed.

See 'Creating a Conscious Cacao Story,' Origin Criteria and Impact Section for more details.

3rd Party Quality and Flavor Reviews - In Pilot:

Evaluations from 3rd party quality and flavor reviewers are added into the Reviews’ section of a product profile whenever possible. We currently do not have an uploader feature for pdf's or the ability to add photos in reviews. For now, you can send the origin assessment feedback directly. They have an option of uploading it as a photo or sharing it with buyers who request one.

Yellow Seed Ambassador or Taster Reviews - In Pilot:

Yellow Seed Ambassadors and Cacao and Chocolate Tasters are community-verified tasters that share feedback on products or related products - chocolate made from an Origin’s beans. Yellow Seed Ambassadors are encouraged to share feedback directly with origins or add a flavor or experience review for product samples and evaluation bars on Yellow Seed Product Profiles. Quality and flavor feedback supports process improvement and understanding a product's value and fit in the market.

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