Emerging Origin

Many of the Origins marketed on Yellow Seed are what we call “Emerging Origins” that share a set of key characteristics depending on the the degree of readiness to connect to market:

  • Looking for a Fair Price: The markets these origins currently have access to typically have not placed value of care of quality or social or environmental impact into the current price. They have mentioned that Fair Trade premiums are not high enough to produce livelihood standards these origins desire with current expenses.

  • Seek to connect to a new market or unclear of target market.

  • Unknown and un-vetted in that market. By vetted we mean recommended by other buyers or reputable connections that can vouch for quality or experience with the origin including a product host.

  • In need of services to meet market standards or establish trust in the market: Quality and flavor assessment, training, or support with logistics.

  • Request marketing support to tell their story to a relevant audience, including social and environmental impact story.

  • Face difficulty in qualifying for pre-financing without committed or connected buyers.

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