February 2017 Release

Pricing table

We heard from many users that they wanted to have a better idea about pricing before they purchased. As a product host, you may now create a pricing table that shows set prices depending on the quantity the customer purchases.

The following is an example of the pricing table popup on the product page:

The user will access this information from the product page by clicking on the “+ see pricing chart” link located just underneath the price.

In order to create your own pricing table, click “edit this product” on your product page (make sure you are logged in) and navigate to the“Price & Quantity”tab inside the product form. Click on “I have a range of set prices, depending on purchase quantity” option and that will open up the price range inputs as show below.

Alternatively, you can choose “I have one set price” if you just have one set price for your product that is not dependent on the quantity purchased.

Make sure to click the big green “Publish Product” to save your new pricing info once you are finished.

Price range limitation eliminated

We heard that some people would like the option to set the final per kg price for a bulk order outside of the original price range. Therefore we’ve changed that function and have added a pricing explanation input field so you can explain to the customer the factors that went into calculating the final price.

Tags on Origins and Product profiles

You can now add tags to your origins and products to make it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for.

To add tags: From your origin page, hit the edit button and then navigate to the “Basic Stats” page. You may choose from the existing list or type in your own tags.

Making you more visible

We’ve heard from users that they are often confused about who is selling the cacao. In order to make your role more clear as the person that uploaded the profile, is responsible for the information and to whom users should be directing their questions, we’ve added the “Ask a Question about this Product” module pictured below. A similar module is also now found on the Origin page.

Order process streamlined

We have changed the order process so that it is more intuitive and straightforward for users. We’ve eliminated the sample purchase and purchase inquiry popups and integrated them into step one of the ordering process. We’ve also made it possible for users to order less than a bag if the minimum order amount that you specified is less than a bag.

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