NOTE: What follows below was written for the Yellow Seed 1.0 marketplace, which is now offline. We will update after the launch of Yellow Seed 2.0 late in 2018.

Join the Marketplace

Yellow Seed is developing a platform to support Conscious Trade, an evolution of Fair Trade and Direct Trade, a model in which each person impacted by the trade system can participate in making that system better for more people. By engaging new voices to provide more choices — from the millions of small farmers left out of today's markets, to the growing base of buyers, importers and intermediaries looking for resources that exist but are currently invisible — we can move from competing for a limited piece of pie to literally making the pie bigger, together.

The Conscious Trade model challenges the structure of trade itself by prioritizing the means for people to interact with one another and create together. Unlike certifications or standards where the outcome is pre-defined, Yellow Seed’s platform is built on the values of transparency and participation to create solutions aligned with the stated needs and priorities of its community.

Join the Yellow Seed network, share your story, engage in discussions (forums coming soon) and learn more about ways to get involved in this section, linked below.

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