NOTE: What follows below is still available as a way to participate during 2018, throughout Yellow Seed's transition to Yellow Seed 2.0.

Stories connect people.

We’ve noticed a common thread; people creating a positive impact in the cacao industry often make change that is beyond most levels of compliance, but their tales go untold. By making these stories visible, we aim to elevate awareness of the good work being done and inspire the continued commitment to doing better.

One of the best ways for new Origins and members on Yellow Seed to market their products is by creating a story to share with the global community on We are excited to share these stories via the Yellow Seed newsletter, our homepage, and on our Facebook page. Stories will also be published on any associated Yellow Seed profile pages. Buyers and consumers love reading these stories and Yellow Seed has received a lot of positive feedback from readers of the Medium blog!

Conscious Cacao Stories is a community space to read and share stories about:

  • Farmers who are making positive social and environmental impacts.

  • Buyers who are changing the landscape of the cacao industry.

  • Buyer groups who are collaborating to make a bigger impact together.

Getting started

To get started read through this section "Create a Conscious Cacao Story," choose some sample questions to answer and either write the story yourself or ask for Yellow Seed's help by emailing us at See Writing and Publishing "How to" for more information.

Why Medium?

We’ve decided to use Medium as a collaborative blogging platform for a number of reasons:

  • Medium focuses on the quality of the stories over the pedigree of the authors

  • Great stories spread quickly via the strong integration with social networks and 30 million people visiting Medium monthly

  • The layout of stories is beautiful and publishing is easy

  • Easy to retain individual and collective identity

  • Followers can comment, highlight and add feedback easily to the story

  • Opportunity to leverage the network effect of collaborative storytelling

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