How to Write a Story:

Yellow Seed offers different levels of support for you to write and publish your story.


Create a story by choosing sample questions or write an original story you are inspired to share. The questions are there as a guide, so feel free to custom fit what works for your story.

Then follow the “How to Publish Your Story on Medium” guidelines.

Yellow Seed facilitated:

If you’d like more support with developing your story, just reach out. We can offer a short 30 minute interview and then send a set of tailored questions based on the content direction we develop together. We will help with edits and add a short introduction to the story before posting. Email us directly at hello [at]

Need translation support?

If you require translation services, please email us at hello [at]


We welcome a diversity of content and do not have a strong editorial opinion about what kind of content to publish, as the crowd decides what is interesting.

We encourage you to include photos, graphics (maps, charts, etc.), videos, links to other relevant content (websites, blogs, etc.) and anything else you see fit as this will help make your story more engaging!


Nahua Cacao: A Vision of Cacao Renovation in Costa Rica, written by Justin Eldridge Otero

Kacaou Farms: A Family returns to its roots in Cacao, edited by Yellow Seed

It's Official - The Fijian Cacao Industry is Alive Again, edited by Yellow Seed

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