Impact Areas and Goals

Yellow Seed’s commitment to improving equality, ecological conservation and community resilience is a reflection of our members and their diverse interests and needs.

Farmers, buyers and other stakeholders were interviewed, covering a broad range of geographical regions and socio-economic situations.The following goals represent hundreds of inputs, gathered, interpreted and reflected on and refined over nearly 2 years.

Improved Livelihood and Equitable Trade

  • Improve economic situation and ensure fair wages
  • Improve market access
  • Improve overall wellbeing and joy

Thriving Resilient Communities

  • Improve equity and social justice in community
  • Improve community access to education and healthcare
  • Improve access to services, training and technology.
  • Improve food security at origin

Healthy Environment

  • Holistically cultivate and manage land
  • Improve biodiversity and conserve forests
  • Reduce carbon emissions

Please visit the Pilots Section to learn more how we aim to apply this to the platform and engage the community.

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