Impact Storytelling

The stories we tell are essentially about the transformation of relationship. Whether it is the relationship between two people, between a people and a place, in the context of trade. Stories can illustrate how characters grow and evolve in the context of events and trade that helps deepen their own understanding of their purpose within bigger systems.

Yellow Seed uses a story-based approach to better understand what is meaningful and share it with the world. Understanding what success looks like, and the efforts needed to achieve positive impact, also correspond to a product’s price.

Storytelling is also a method to evolve the framework as the community learns together. It helps us understand:

  1. The effectiveness of the questions we are asking;

  2. What is meaningful for each group; and,

  3. The common indicators used to define success.

Stories and data will live with the reporting features on Yellow Seed’s origin page and on Medium under Conscious Cacao Stories. Any article about the origin can be shared on the origin page using the “Stories about this origin” feature.

The following describes what may appear on the Impact Story Feature:

  • How women are participating in leadership and accessing benefits

  • Initiatives to improve equity and social justice

  • Producer access to credit, training and seed inputs

  • Average income and food security measures

  • Access to healthcare and education

  • Commitment or strategies towards no child labor

Features in Design and Development

We are currently designing what the features may look like. Email to contribute or stay tuned via updates on the Yellow Seed pilot section.

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