What We’ve Learned: Insights to Date

Although trade transactions on the Yellow Seed platform are generally in line with our theory of change from speaking with our community we have also heard a need for:

  • Increased market access for “emerging origins” - producers and stakeholders at origin that are not yet known or vetted in the community and require support in telling their story and connecting to buyers.

  • Matchmaking services to make appropriate connections between Origins and Buyers.

  • Facilitation and coordination with trusted service intermediaries.

  • Deeper transparency on pricing, i.e., where does the money go, who gets what along the supply chain, and for what services?

  • A closer relationship to producers at origin, including a better understanding of unique Origin goals and impact of contributions or actions.

  • More stories and data reporting about what the social and environmental impact was at Origin after the cacao was purchased.

We have also noticed that:

  • The majority of the trade transactions on Yellow Seed are made between buyers and product hosts with cacao already warehoused in the U.S.

  • Few trade transactions happen internationally — i.e., directly between buyers in the U.S. and international Origins — because lead times are considered too long, shipping costs for smaller purchases are too great and coordinating logistics is too challenging for some buyers.

As a result, Yellow Seed has decided to pilot an experiential program in order to service the community with these needs while also supporting greater entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency for farm origins.

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