International Market

Product is purchased and shipped directly from Origin. International shipping, import logistics and trade contracts have not been arranged so it is up to the buyer to coordinate these. Trade is facilitated directly with the Origin Contact, someone identified by an Origin to be their main contact.

For these products, quality assessments and other details are general and not associated with a specific product batch, therefore additional service support may be needed.

How it Works

  • To initiate trade with these Origins use the ‘Purchase Inquiry’, ‘Buy a Sample’ or ‘Ask Seller a Question’ buttons.

  • The price of these products changes with different harvests, climatic conditions and other factors so it’s always best to verify the price with the Origin Contact at the time of purchase.

  • For these products, local transportation (in the country of Origin) to a port and warehousing for export may be included in the offer price.

  • For these Origins there is also the option of adding your name to our list of buyers interested in making a collaborative purchase. If there is enough collective interest, a shipment will be arranged.

Example below:

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