Catalyzing Conscious Trade

Along with hosting the Yellow Seed Marketplace, Yellow Seed plays a central role in catalyzing Conscious Trade, facilitating the conversation towards a shared vision, defining practices that work best for each stakeholder, supporting aligned activities, and building public will.

We define Conscious Trade as an evolution of Fair and Direct Trade, where each person in the Yellow Seed community works together and participates in improving the trade system to benefit the whole. Open access of information is in service of building relationships and ensuring care at each step along the way. With improved visibility, transparency, and trust, participants can collaborate more effectively towards improved quality of life and product.

Yellow Seed’s platform is designed to surface information fornew solutions to emerge, as farmers are made visible to buyers who want to find them, and more people are able to engage in ways that are meaningful and provide value.

Scaling collective impact for the conscious cacao community requires all participants to have a shared vision for change, one that includes a common understanding of the problem, a joint approach to solving it and agreement on the ways success will be measured and reported.

The Conscious Trade community co-creates standards to measure outcomes, including the number of small farmers engaged in more trade; the autonomy and agency of farmers to negotiate fair prices for their products; and the volume of new products in cacao markets, among others.

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