November 2016 Release

Endorse your origin by sharing your chocolate products

Buyers can market finished products of an origin’s beans and link to its company store. Origins receive a supportive referral which helps other makers understand product use. We design for win-wins.

For an example, check out these delicious products made from Eco-Cacao beans.

Showcase stories on your origin page

Our new Origin Stories feature allows users to share special content about origins that paints a better picture of the places cacao comes from and the people who produce it. Do you have an article, video, review, photo set, etc. related to a specific cacao origin? You can now add it directly to the origin’s page! Buyers, makers, and supporters want to hear stories told directly from the source.

For an example, check out these awesome stories from Fincas Quebrada Limón, Pittí and Rio Uyamá.

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