Opportunity and Objectives

Information Story

Our goal is to make information available to everyone in the system, and we provide the infrastructure for this exchange. Farmers and producers can share stories about their origin and product with buyers. User reviews provide transparency about the exchange — from the reliability of transport, to the quality of the beans delivered, to the environmental practices used. As we continue building our platform we will transparently show the path of cacao, from farm to delighted consumer, and offer details about each moment in the cacao’s journey, including tracking the reliability and quality of actors along the way.

Financial Story

First and foremost, we are connecting farmers and buyers currently invisible to one another. By engaging more people in Conscious Trade we are growing the cacao market, and literally “making the pie bigger.” Our goal is to maximize financial opportunities by distributing risk factors, and simultaneously increase access to resources and information that facilitate exchange. Yellow Seed also improves financial flow by providing a system to estimate demand and aggregate orders, and billing and payment features will be clear and transparent for all involved.

Product Story

Yellow Seed creates space for new markets and optimizes channels for trade. Buyers can discover products at origin and link with services to simplify trade. Buyers with extra beans to share or “Product Hosts” can sell directly traded beans by uploading product and origin profiles. With each profile on our platform, we allow trust and business relationships to form between buyers, who are actively seeking high quality, distinctive cacao, and farmers, true artists who produce these beans and cannot be found except on foot in some of the more remote places on earth, until now.

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