Origin Criteria

The following outlines criteria for Origins with profiles on Yellow Seed.


  • Has a socially conscious and sustainability mission.

  • Demonstrates integrity, a commitment to improve and an openness to give and receive constructive feedback.

  • Participates in an on-boarding interview with Yellow Seed. The interview can alternatively be with the product seller, with written consent from a managing member of the Origin.

  • Shares Origin story on Medium’s Conscious Cacao Stories. This requirement serves as a form of vetting.

  • Agreement to report prices paid to farm workers.


  • Invite reviews to your Origin profile to vet and verify information.

  • Does not exploit child labor laws.

  • Strives towards gender equity within the farm organization.

  • Invests in community projects such as sustainable development, education or healthcare projects.

  • Uses agroforestry systems when possible to promote biodiversity.

  • Avoids degradation of natural ecosystems and all types of deforestation.

  • Avoids use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

  • Restores or rehabilitates habitat and ecosystems where possible.

* Some commitments are “encouraged” rather than "required" because of challenges to verification. Yellow Seed does not yet have the capacity or partnerships to account fully for all farm practices.

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