Yellow Seed’s Role and Our Relationship to Users

We hear many challenges that producers and those working at origin face when trying to engage with the market. These challenges vary widely: from how to market and share information about their products; to setting an appropriate price; to understanding the needs of buyers and how best to connect with them; to requesting service support to meet buyer requests. Because each request and sourcing situation is different, and expert knowledge is so specialized depending on the context, we realized we could provide the most value by creating better ways to surface requests and channels for interaction.

Our primary role is to design a platform for connection and information sharing across farmers, buyers and intermediaries. The goal is to maximize the autonomy and ability of producers and those at Origins to build supportive trade relationships. Our work requires a commitment from all collaborators involved, and a shared vision of where we are headed — a future where everyone wins.

  • Our first step is to create visibility of the product, people and information currently invisible to markets.

  • Our second step is to improve market connection and provide better channels for trust, transparency and transaction.

  • Our final step is to support community-driven projects, using the information and tools we create together.

Specifically we:

  • Facilitate interaction and value exchange through the design of the platform

  • Engage community to define rules of trade and participation in the network

  • Share stories, news and information of community members through social media and newsletters

  • Provide facilitation and editing support for storytelling

  • Design ways to visualize and synthesize data to create awareness of the collective impact of the community

  • Design the collective action framework and how the platform tracks progress towards shared goals

  • Listen to feedback and requests to improve the site functionality

  • Set up the basic structures and agreements to simplify backend logistics, finance and accounting system on the platform and coordination of trade

  • Facilitate the design of community roles with the network

  • Provide moderation and resolution strategies

  • Fundraise to maintain operations and provide continuity and stability of the platform

Yellow Seed is a registered Trademark.

For a legal version of what we do and provide see here.

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