The quality of your photos is an important determinant of how successful you are in connecting to buyers on Yellow Seed. Great photos help buyers connect with your story, develop relationships, and ultimately share your story to their customers.

Basic photo tips:

  • Use natural light whenever possible so that photos are clear and bright.

  • Horizontal photos work best on our product and origin pages, but feel free to use vertical photos inMediumstories!

  • Try to include photos captured from a number of different angles to create visual interest. (i.e. close up, wide angle, from up high or down low, etc.)

Tips for Origin photos:

  • Photos of the farmers, producers or managers. Buyers would love to learn more about the people behind the beans who they are supporting and partnering with through this trade relationship.

  • Photos of the cacao trees and neighboring land. What is the area like? What is the climate typically like? What other trees are growing nearby that might enhance the flavor of the cacao?

  • Photos of the facility and any tools, processing equipment or space that is applicable to the origin.

Tips for Product photos:

  • Photos of the beans! Let’s see these beauties at every stage - in a tree, in the pod, fermenting, drying, shipping or what they would look like when delivered.

  • Processing facility photos. The buyer wants to understand how the beans were cared for along the way, so take pictures that show a bit about your processing or tracking methods and any useful steps along the way.

  • Fermentation and cut tests photo taken with color reference (link to color card ref)

  • Any packaging or shipping details.

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