Yellow Seed Service Pilot 1

Trade Facilitation for Emerging Origins

For the pilot program, Yellow Seed will identify an outstanding emerging Origin and build a scalable template to showcase what deeper Conscious Trade could look like taking into consideration the needs presented by the community. This includes building new design features into the Product and Origin profile for the selected Origin as well as facilitating a collaborative shipment of beans from that Origin into the U.S.

Our model is based on the theory of change that greater visibility and transparency within the supply chain leads to greater trust which ultimately leads to greater collaboration and systemic integrity for all involved.

Pilot Objectives:

  • To connect an emerging origin to market by facilitating the sale of quality cacao beans for a fair price.

  • To acquire feedback from the Yellow Seed community on a new template for Conscious Trade, that includes additional features showcasing transparency and impact using a human-based approach.

  • To learn more about the best ways to support Origins at different development stages, to help them reach fair markets. Specifically, this pilot tests the phase of supporting an emerging origin and includes an Origin assessment process, a buyer matchmaking process and how to define the best marketing approaches for new Origins in order to better serve the community.

This section includes the following subchapters:

  1. What We've Learned: Insights to Date

  2. The Pilot Program

  3. New Transparency and Impact Features

  4. What We Hope to Learn by Facilitating the Trade

  5. How Will We Know We Are Successful?

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