How will we know we are successful?

Yellow Seed aims for the following outcomes:

  • Producers have the ability to make more informed choices and encourage an entrepreneurial approach to business.
  • More smaller buyers are able to participate through coordination of shipments.
  • Origins secure short- and long-term sales contracts at a fair price.
  • Yellow Seed verifies price paid to farmer and progress made on goal.
  • Yellow Seed captures the dialogue and process for how producers at origin and organizations create agreements around price and impact. This process informs how Yellow Seed can facilitate a process to surface a set of common indicators over time.
  • Improves awareness of how buyer actions and stakeholder support can contribute to meaningful impact at origin and Origin-directed goals.
  • Other Product Hosts offer products on Yellow Seed related to this origin.

Indicators of success:

  • 6 MT of cacao sold

  • # of farmers and farmer families benefited

  • Origin-directed environmental and social indicators

  • Farmers at origin receive a fair price for product and impact

  • Agreements met

  • Loans repaid

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