Pricing Information

Pricing of the product is determined by the Origin and Sellers, and should take into account fair farmer wages, cost of farm inputs, level of quality and skill, positive social and environmental impacts, product processing, and other factors. They should also take into account any shipping, export, import, and warehousing fees and taxes that are applicable. Please see below for more information.

International Market

International Market - product is purchased and shipped directly from Origin. International shipping, import logistics and trade contracts have not been arranged and trade is facilitated directly with the Origin Contact, someone identified by an Origin to be their main contact.

Product prices listed on the product profiles for the international market are estimates made by the seller and will not include international shipping and export/import fees for the buyer. Sellers may use one set price or use a pricing range, as climatic and harvest conditions may make the price variable.

A buyer will contact the seller from the Product Profile page, using Yellow Seed’s internal messaging service (also delivered to the seller’s email address) to inquire about any purchases. Then the seller will let the buyer know the current product price, if they have shipping companies they like to work and any information about contract agreements.

Domestic Spot Market

Domestic Spot Market - products are offered by someone who is selling a specific batch and quantity of an origin’s product and it is already warehoused in the U.S. or Europe, or a shipment of product has been organized to land in the U.S. or Europe.

For the domestic spot market, prices posted will include all costs and services for importing and shipping the product to the US or Europe and import logistics have already been arranged.

Some sellers can choose to add a pricing table that shows set prices depending on the quantity the customer purchases, or use a pricing range. The prices will also include any other services that have been added, such as product processing, if applicable.

Yellow Seed Facilitation Fee’s

Currently there is no membership fee for adding new product profiles to the platform. Origins and Sellers must however contribute information and commit to principles and agreements to participate.

International Market

Yellow Seed currently does not charge a facilitation service fee for the International Market. Buyers will simply contact the Origin directly to arrange and pay for orders.

Please note we are working towards solutions to make the purchase process and payment more efficient.

Domestic Spot Market

Yellow Seed charges a 2.1% service fee plus $.05 for the cost of shipping labels for products sold on the website to support our operations. There is also a standard 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction credit card processing fee, charged by Braintree, a PayPal service.

We are investigating solutions to reduce transaction and credit card fees.

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