Yellow Seed Values


Our aim is to make people, practices and pricing visible. Visibility and open access to information informs awareness and ways to engage in a process of addressing public and shared concerns.

  • On Yellow Seed, products can be traced back to their origin and contributors and service providers are linked as representatives of information shared.

  • Making origin sources visible builds a communal sense of market sufficiency, leading to better matching capabilities of individual preferences.

  • Spaces to contribute and voice feedback enables a sense of shared responsibility to innovate towards solutions common goals, namely ones that promote fairness, equitable trade and mutual accountability.


Yellow Seed puts the process and decision making of the means back in the hands of producers at origin and smaller- scale buyers. We believe smallholder farmers should have a voice in defining what is meaningful to them.When agendas are internally generated and when there is active participation, people naturally hold a greater stake in the outcome.

  • The Yellow Seed platform is aimed to promote self-organizing action by providing greater access to information and feedback from a community of buyers and service intermediaries.

  • Information and feedback from a network of support for producers at origin in making choices about pricing, quality improvement and production strategies.

  • Origins, buyers and service intermediaries can work hand ­in ­hand in a joint learning process and be mutually accountable for results.

  • The opportunity for all stakeholders to connect in one place put people in control of their jobs and their lives, allowing them to make new kinds of connections.


Small matters. All participants impacted by the system are invited to contribute to making the system work better, in ways that are meaningful for each person involved.

  • Creativity and entrepreneurship from the Yellow Seed community fuel the innovation of our platform and catalyze its progress.

  • Individual voices and informed choices lead to greater diversity, resilience and abundance in our food systems.

  • In turn, Yellow Seed’s platform acts as a community commons for resources and information, reducing the time it takes to build trusted trade relationships and creating efficiencies of scale.


We aspire to create markets that honor and reward each person’s contribution, resulting in greater security, happiness and prosperity within the global community. When our interconnected systems heal - when buyers find farmers, when natural ecosystems are abundant, when products flow - we will have achieved wholeness.

  • The Yellow Seed platform helps people see their role in the ecosystem of Conscious Trade, to better move toward the shared end goal of a system that works for all.

  • By mapping the flows of product, finance and information we identify the areas where breakdowns and bottlenecks get in the way of sound supply chains.

  • Yellow Seed's platform aims to reduce friction points—from sourcing and logistics to user feedback— that prevent the emergence of a trade system that honors and compensates each person who participates.

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