Product Profiles

Product Profiles contain information about cacao products such as flavor profile, varietal composition, fermentation rates, quantity available, harvest season, timing of availability, product location and processing details, etc.

Image of Seller Visible on Product Profile

Sellers can be either the Origin Contact or a Product Host - someone who is selling a specific batch and quantity of an origin’s product and it is already warehoused in the U.S. or Europe, or a shipment of product has been organized to land in the U.S. or Europe.

Sellers can sell beans directly from Origin, import beans for the purpose of selling, or they can offer excess beans they do not need or processed product such as paste or nibs.

Prices should reflect any value-added service such as importing, warehousing, processing or repackaging. To clarify roles and services, Yellow Seed is piloting a new pricing wheel feature and supply chain visualization. See Yellow Seed Pilot to learn more.

See the following for more details on responsibilities or how to "Become a Seller."

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