Reporting on Progress

The focus of the pilots serves to test and refine how Yellow Seed will report individual and collective progress.

Transparency of Social and Environmental Data: The Yellow Seed community of farmers and buyers has identified the need for targets, as opposed to mandates, along with a verification system for tracking improvements over time. Yellow Seed is in the process of designing technology-enabled solutions to track and monitor data related to sustainability standards and will display key metrics on Origin and Product Profiles. Data collected will likely include the following, and later aggregated in a community dashboard:

Improved Livelihood

  • # of supplier Individuals (PI5350)* # farmers, farm households

  • % of day workers

  • % of price paid to farmer (Price paid to farmer/ price paid to business organizations at origin)

  • Price of cacao

  • Production Capacity, Yield in MT

  • Self-reported rise in job satisfaction and sense of wellbeing using a 1-10 scale

*PI is Performance Indicator of IRIS - the catalogue of generally accepted performance metrics.

Thriving Resilient Communities

  • % of female farmers (# of female farmers (PI1728) # of total farmers

  • # hectares of other crop areas

  • Self reported access to resources including training, credit and inputs, using a 1-10 scale

  • # hectares of certified organic

Healthy Environment

  • % of crops grown in agroforestry systems or shade grown (where possible) (# hectares in agroforestry systems/ # hectares of cacao grown total)

  • # of unique varietals available

  • # hectares of conservation area

Farmer Directed Targets

An origin will create targets or specific actionable project goals that fall within the broader community Impact Goals. These goals can be supported through sales of products, donations or other specified actions. We are testing this process in our pilot.

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