Seller Criteria

The following outlines the criteria for Sellers with product profiles on Yellow Seed.


  • Establishes an Origin profile if one has not yet been created.

  • Creates and maintains a product profile.

  • Ensures fair representation of producers, including permission to upload profiles and photos.

  • Updates product profiles with time-sensitive or requested information, e.g., quantity of cacao available, 3rd party quality reviews, processing details, etc.

  • Responds to questions about the Origin and Product, including sample requests and purchase inquiries.

  • Willingness to receive feedback from community and to engage with Yellow Seed (max 3 hours annually) for web updates and to contribute feedback.

  • Clear, honest and timely communication.

  • Pricing of product reflects time, effort and care taken, as well as any services added.*

  • Consistent access to a computer and the Internet.

  • English fluency is recommended. Please let us know if you need support in translation.

*To learn more about the challenges and opportunities to create fair pricing strategies in the cacao sector, please see the article “What’s a Fair Price?”


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