Shipping and Logistics

International Market

For the International Market, no arrangements have been made for international shipping, or for organizing the export/import logistics. The product is stored at Origin and any bulk shipment of the product will have to be coordinated by speaking directly with the seller at Origin through the ‘Purchase Inquiry’ button.

Yellow Seed’s role with these Origins is to provide visibility as well as a way to connect via our internal messaging service. In the future we hope to offer a resource guide for shipping and logistics services, as well as a vetting and referral system, to support these types of transactions.

If there is enough collective interest in a product - assessed by how many people sign up through our “Wanna Save on Shipping’ button - Yellow Seed will coordinate with the network to facilitate a shipment of the product into the U.S. or Europe.

Domestic Spot Market

For the Domestic Spot Market, ie. product that is already landed in the U.S. or Europe or will be warehoused there, sellers are responsible for coordinating the shipment of product to your delivery address.

After you have sent your purchase interest to the seller via the checkout system, the seller will provide an estimated delivery time and the delivery costs will be included in your final price. At that point you can finish checking out and purchasing the order.

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