Story Themes and Samples Questions

Below are some sample questions to get some ideas for your story. Feel free to simply answer a selection of the questions below or get inspired and write your own story!

Origin Story

This is the story about what life is like at Origin, what inspires the farmers and what the future vision of the farmers is.

Sample Questions:

  • Name, title, hometown

  • When did you found or start working for your organization, cooperative or project?

Please answer at least 4 of the questions in this section below.
  • Why did you start working in the cacao industry?

  • What did you do before you started working with cacao?

  • What’s special about your beans, your farm, your story?

  • What farming values are most important to you?

  • Where could your organization use support?

  • What are the difficulties you face in your work?

  • Has cacao created positive impact for the cacao producers and communities there? If so, how?

  • In a perfect world, who would buy your product?

  • What is your future vision for your cacao farm or for cacao in your region?

  • What would you like to see improved?

  • What’s your favorite way of eating cacao?

Impact Section - Environmental,Social, Cultural

This is the story of how growing cacao impacts the farmers, affects communities and/or supports the land.

Sample Questions:

  • What are the social or environmental benefits of the project?

  • How does the price you receive for your product affect you, your family and your community?

Please answer at least 3 more of the questions in this section below.
  • What social or environmental values does your organization believe in?

  • What do farmers love most about working with your organization?

  • What is your biggest challenge in reaching fair markets?

  • What are you or your organization doing to improve equity and social justice in the community?

  • How does growing cacao influence the culture and people in your community?

  • What are ways to improve the health and happiness of your community and what support is needed?

  • Do you think growing cacao contributes to a healthier environment, if so, how?

  • What other resources or support do you need to be successful?

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