Yellow Seed Model

Yellow Seed was founded in the belief that we could create a supply chain that worked for everyone impacted by that chain. Our platform allows for Conscious Trade so that all actors in the chain are valued and can participate. We are engaging new actors and forging new relationships. We hope to literally “make the pie bigger.”

The Yellow Seed model is based on extensive interviews with farmers, buyers, and service intermediaries to better understand motivations, needs, and breakdowns for each. (You can read more about the challenges of our current market system here). Yellow Seed is focusing on cacao first, because there is an eager market of buyers — specifically those who value quality and sustainability — who will pay fair prices for excellent supply.

Together our community is exploring and designing new ways of exchanging value. We are committed to improving trading relationships and supply chain transparency so that more farmers and products can come online and more buyers can access products of their choice. As voices are heard and value is shared, we believe that through this participation we will find the next steps towards creating a more generative system for all.

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This chapter contains the following subchapters:

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